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Trademark Registration in Dubai, UAE

Trademark registration in UAE is crucial to protect your brand in the Emirates. Companies and business establishments irrespective of their type or size employ a trademark or brand name to represent the business or a product. A trademark can be represented by various means like words, symbols, signs or logo. The trademark you use can be a signature, word, name, letter, drawing, symbol, title, seal, image, tax stamp, inscription, advertisement, or any other combination. Trademark comes under the category of intellectual property and grants certain rights and protections to the legal owner.

Trademark registration law in the UAE protects the business establishments from all unauthorized exploitation of the originally registered trademark. With trademark registration in Dubai and UAE, you can protect your brand name, symbol or logo used to identify your goods or services that are legally registered in the Emirates. Quickstep Business Consulting team offers extensive support for registering a trademark in the UAE in compliance with all legal requirements.