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Business Setup In Ajman Freezones

Ajman freezone is a place of immense industrial development in UAE as it is attractive to a number of companies by offering facilities and competitive privileges required for the business to flourish. These benefits out of investment privileges, a number of companies have prospered with good returns on their investments.

The business facilities include 100% ownership of business, 100% foreign ownership, easy transfer of capital and profits, exemption from personal income tax and other taxes, competitive prices of facility usage and many more.

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Licenses needed for Ajman Free Zone Company Setup​

In order to set up business in Ajman Freezone, below given licenses are required to be acquired by the investors.

  • Trading License

Investor looking for carrying our trading activities in AFZA needs Trading license.

  • Professional Services License

An investor interested in carrying out professional services in AFZA is required to get a Professional service license.

  • Industrial license

When an investor is looking for carrying out manufacturing activities in Ajman FreeZone, he needs to acquire Industrial license.

  • National Industrial License

National Industrial license is issued if it meets the eligibility criteria of being registered with GCC and the GCC national should hold more than half of the shareholding.