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Professional License in Dubai, UAE

Getting an appropriate license is vital for starting a business in Dubai mainland. Trade licenses in Dubai/UAE are classified based on the type of business. And a valid license is the major prerequisite to start a business in Dubai. Based on the type of Business, Licenses are issued under 4 categories and they are:

  •  Professional License
  •  Commercial License
  •  Industrial License
  •  Tourism License

Professional license in Dubai, UAE refers to the type of license which permits professionals to start a business in the Emirates. Unlike other trade licenses, a professional license holder can do business in particular types of industries; Carpentry, Artisanship, Consultancy services, Printing and Publishing, Beauty saloons, Repair services, etc come under the professional license services in Dubai and UAE. 

In short, a professional license is given to an individual or a single-ownership company to do any profession in which he/she delivers services based on their intellectual or artistic talent. However, if the business has more than one owner, it will be called a civil company. At Quickstep Business Consulting, we offer services to get a professional license in Dubai.

You might have a lot of doubts regarding the professional license cost in Dubai, issuance, formalities and all. We have been helping clients to set up professional entities at the location of their choice. Additionally, our team of professionals will share their expertise and experience with the clients to reap the best benefits of the professional company. This will be instrumental in deciding the area to establish the firm, renting of space and obtaining cordial support from the official authorities. By maintaining a strong relation with the authorized governmental agencies and officials, we have been ensuring that you get professional license in UAE without any delays.