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Dubai is a hotbed for business opportunities – Quickstep Business Consulting provide deferential Business setup services as one stop shop of your business needs, by understanding your business activity and your budget.

PRO Services

A new investor would not know the official procedures and steps involved in a new company formation in Dubai. Hence, the PRO service at Quickstep Business Consulting provides professional document clearing services that include an application for a business license, trademark registration, passport clearance, and immigration process.

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UAE Visa Services

Quickstep Business Consulting offers diversified range of Visa Services in UAE that includes Visa application, Visa documentation and issuance support to both individuals as well as businesses in UAE, saving you time, effort and money. The experts in Quickstep Business Consulting will help in the documentation procedures and assist in getting the clearances from regulatory authorities or ministers, finally submitting the application to the respective authority for the processing.

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Local Sponsor Dubai

A local sponsor for companies in the UAE can be an individual/s or corporate. Here, if it is a corporate sponsor that company has to be 100% owned by UAE / GCC National/s.

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Virtual Office Setup

Dubai is an already-established technology and innovation hub in the middle- east. The business community in Dubai and UAE has always adapted to the changing trends, innovation and technological upgrades. A fine example of such an innovation is a Virtual Office in Dubai, UAE.

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Legal Typing & Attestation

Attestation services, legal translation services, and typing services by Business Link UAE are accurate and cost-effective services in Dubai, UAE. The expert professionals at Quickstep Business Consulting is specialized in preparing all types of e-forms and online applications for any kind of permits and licenses so that the customers get their transactions done faster and easier.

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VAT & Bookkeeping

The documents required for Vat Registration in UAE includes the submission of various documents like copy of trade license, passport copy of business owners, MOA of the company and many more other procedures to be handled. Quickstep Business Consulting assist the clients to avail the registration easily without having to handle all the burden by themselves.

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Company Liquidation

Company liquidation being the closing down of the company requires some significant steps of procedures. The business consultants at Quickstep Business Consulting can help you go through the various steps from initiating the winding up process to the final preparation of statement of affairs and liquidation report.

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Bank Account Opening

Opening a bank account in Dubai for non-residents is also not a difficult task. If you are not a resident of UAE, you can open a personal bank account in UAE with specific limitations on the choice of banks and the features they offer. However, this limitation is not a major concern as many prominent banks in UAE offer non-resident bank accounts. Most banks in the UAE permit non-residents to open savings bank accounts only.

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Trademark Registration

Trademark registration in UAE is crucial to protect your brand in the Emirates. Companies and business establishments irrespective of their type or size employ a trademark or brand name to represent the business or a product. A trademark can be represented by various means like words, symbols, signs or logo. 

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Product Registration

Quickstep Business Consulting is not only the leading Intellectual Property service provider in Dubai, UAE but Quickstep Business Consulting is also helping local manufacturers and importers to register their products with Dubai Municipality & other municipality bodies in the UAE.

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